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Since we opened our doors in 2017 we have been distributing the highest quality of shipping containers for sale and for rent: providing temporary and permanent storage solutions. Conveniently located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we have the largest inventory of new and used steel shipping containers in the island. 

We work side by side with you to provide the best service experience through each step of the purchase process, keeping in constant communication from your initial contact. 

Our mission is to establish a relationship of trust with you.


We are a team inclined to promote growth and communication with individuals and businesses all around by offering storage and space solutions plus access to self sustainable, eco-friendly corten steel trailers.

With premises in the Island of Enchantment, providing the best rental and sale prices in the Caribbean of containers that are made with a type of steel thats protect the piece made with this material against atmospheric corrosion.

More Than Just Storage

All of our used Containers are SEAWORTHY certified meaning they have been tested to withstand water, wind and vermin. New containers are ONETRIP, meaning that they only have made one trip to get from the manufacturer to Puerto Rico. Our large selection of 40 and 20 foot shipping containers are here to meet all your storage and locational needs.  We have worked with customers who purchased our containers to build restaurants, homes, office spaces, "man caves" and even "she sheds". 

The possibilities of what you can do with a Caja Grande container are endless! 

We always encourage our customers to Think Inside The Box!