Choosing the right shipping container to rent

To rent or to buy, that is the question.

Rent or Own?

New & used high quality containers available to be purchased & leased

Long term use and/or looking to customize a container? 

Purchasing the containers is your best bet. We have a variety of payment plans to suit your needs. 

Short term use for storage? Rent a container, especially if you do not have a place to keep it long term.

Container Rental Made Easy

Rent a container in Puerto Rico

Choosing a shipping container for storage is choosing a reliable source for your items to be stored. All of our containers are Seaworthy certified meaning they are wind, water and vermin proof. With our shipping containers, you won’t ever have to worry about the safety of your items from natural or unnatural causes. Renting a self-storage/trailer is an investment that will add up over the years. Having a shipping container on your property or estate for storage purposes  takes away the hassle of having to drive back and forth to your storage location. This is the convenience of a self-storage weather-proof facility on your property. Your shipping container rental will make storage very easy.  Questions? Call Us today! 787-690-1838

The monthly rate to rent a storage container

Container Storage Uses

What can you store in a rented steel shipping container?

Below are a few things that our clients have used the containers for:

  • Furniture Storage​
  • Equipment Storage
  • Car Storage
  • Sports Car Transportation
  • Product Storage
  • Inventory Storage
  • Theater Costume and Prop Storage
  • Construction Storage
  • Art Supplies​
  • School Classrooms
  • Agricultural Storage
  • Sports Equipment
  • Files, Book, and Boxes Storage
  • Overflow Cargo Storage
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Fireworks Stand
  • Flower Shops
  • Guard Shack
  • Residential Moving
  • Retaining Walls